SLA Club Regulations


  1. For the purposes of these regulations, the term “club” unequivocally identifies the SLA WARSAW venue located at ul. Nowy Świat 68, Warsaw.

  2. The club does not operate as an open and publicly accessible establishment. It is a private venue where entry is permitted according to the rules specified in § 2 of the regulations.

  3. The club has a website: and a fan page: and Instagram, which are the only official online platforms of the club. The club management is not responsible for any information related to the club posted on websites other than those mentioned above.

  4. The entity operating the club is SEYADA Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office at ul. Nowy Świat 68, Warsaw.

  5. Recording audio, video, taking photographs, or any other activities using audiovisual equipment are prohibited in the club. Any inquiries regarding accreditation or obtaining permission for filming, photography, etc., should be directed to the club management.

  6. Persons present in the club premises consent to the free distribution of their image recorded during events organized by the club on all available exploitation fields (especially internet, press, TV, radio, printed materials) for marketing and promotional purposes by SEYADA Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością. This consent is granted indefinitely and without territorial limitations.

  7. Club guests consent to voluntarily remain in areas of elevated noise that may occur on the premises.

  8. Club guests acknowledge that alcohol is sold on the premises and that the club is not responsible for any health, motor, or psychological effects resulting from its consumption. Guests consume alcohol at their own risk and of their own free will.

  9. Smoking tobacco is only permitted in designated areas within the club.

  10. Club guests acknowledge that adult-oriented content, including controversial and erotic material, may be presented on the club premises. Entry into the club implies acceptance of such potential content without objection.

  11. Purchasing a ticket, making a reservation, using the Club Card, or entering the club premises signifies acceptance of the provisions of these regulations and a commitment to comply with them.


  1. The club is open from Friday to Saturday from 22:30 to 5:00. The club’s opening and closing hours may change according to information published on the website or fan page of the club. However, based on circumstances and events, the club management may determine a different closing time for events and club closure.

  2. The right of entry to the club during events held therein is granted to:

a) persons over 18 years of age; in justified cases, the club management or security may request guests to present identification confirming their age, b) representatives of the press, radio, and other media with valid accreditation for the event, c) representatives of state and medical services authorized for inspection activities based on valid credentials, after prior agreement with the organizer’s representative.

  1. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of club guests, the club reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone whose appearance, attire, or behavior does not meet the standards accepted by the club. This applies also to persons listed on guest lists or holding publicly available invitations, with prior reservation of a lodge in the club, purchased ticket, or Club Card.

  2. The decision on entry to the club premises is made by the “Door policy.” The “Door policy” or club security staff have the right to refuse entry to the club premises without stating a reason.

  3. Persons under the age of 18, without valid identification, intoxicated, or under the influence of other intoxicants, and those dressed inappropriately relative to the event’s status, will not be admitted to the club. The club reserves the right to change the required minimum age limit.

  4. For safety reasons, club security staff may refuse entry to the premises when the number of people inside equals the permissible maximum capacity of the premises.


  1. Entrance to the club is subject to a fee of 30 Polish złoty. The entrance fee may vary, especially if the club is hosting a concert. Guests are informed of the applicable fee on the day of entry by club staff.

  2. The fee does not apply to guests entitled to free entry into the club, particularly in cases of specific reservations, possession of a Club Card, or VIP status.

  3. The entrance fee is collected only by persons authorized by the club management.

  4. Payment for entry to the club and reservations is accepted in cash, by card, or by bank transfer. The fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable if the guest leaves the club.

  5. The club sells tickets both in advance (this option will be announced each time) and on the day of the event (excluding events requiring advance ticket purchase or closed events). Ticket office hours vary and are announced each time.

  6. Lodge reservation terms:

a) The price includes entry tickets for the number of people accommodated in the lodge; b) The stated amount is fully redeemable for alcohol consumption and meals; c) A 10% service charge is added to the bill; d) Concert days may involve price changes.

  1. A reservation is valid for 15 minutes from the agreed time at the time of booking. After this period, the reservation expires.

  2. Detailed information on making reservations at the club is posted on the club’s website and provided by phone at +48 505 606 936 or by email at

  3. The club reserves the right to cancel an event without stating a reason. In such cases, ticket holders are entitled to a full refund corresponding to the purchase price.


  1. Club Card holders have priority entry to the club.

  2. The Club Card is personal and cannot be transferred to a third party. In case of doubt regarding the cardholder’s identity, the club staff may request identification.

  3. The Club Card does not entitle entry to Closed events.

  4. The club reserves the right to confiscate the Club Card from its holder if any of the regulations are violated.


  1. The club building and premises are under constant video surveillance.

  2. All persons in the club are required to behave in a manner that does not endanger their own safety or that of others.

  3. All persons in the club must comply with the instructions of the club’s staff and security aimed at ensuring safety and order.

  4. Physical security of the club is provided by qualified security personnel who ensure the safety of the premises, protection of property within, and the safety of guests and club staff.

  5. Security personnel have the right to inspect the contents of bags, backpacks, and clothing if there is suspicion that these items contain prohibited items. In case of refusal to undergo inspection, the club reserves the right to deny entry to the premises. This also applies to persons listed on guest lists or holding publicly available invitations, with prior reservation of a lodge in the club, purchased ticket, or Club Card.

  6. Guests are prohibited from bringing into the club:

a) food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, b) narcotics, drugs, and any other substances whose possession or sale is prohibited in Poland, c) weapons, explosives, and other items and tools that may pose a threat to the health or life of club guests or staff, d) animals.

  1. Items in question upon entering the event may be confiscated by security and handed over to authorized authorities.

  2. Participants are prohibited from:

a) entering areas designated solely for club staff, b) leaving the club with club property such as glasses, goblets, etc., c) climbing on tables, chairs, sofas, bar counters, DJ booth, artists’ performance areas, d) taking photographs of persons in the club without their consent, e) conducting solicitation, trade, promotion, agitation, advertising, fundraising, etc., without the consent of the club management.

  1. Club staff may refuse alcohol to intoxicated persons.

  2. Persons behaving aggressively or posing a direct threat to other club guests, those violating the club regulations, will be immediately removed from the club premises or handed over to the police.

  3. In case of flagrant violation of the club regulations, security personnel have the right to use measures provided by law to ensure club safety. In case of law violations or property damage, security is authorized to detain the suspect until handing them over to the police.


  1. Persons responsible for damage to club equipment bear financial and criminal liability.

  2. Any guest’s behavior that constitutes an offense or crime will be reported to the police by the club staff. Persons engaging in such behavior will be banned from entering the club.

  3. The club is not liable for damages to the person or property of guests caused by other club guests. Any claims arising from such incidents should be directed to the perpetrator directly.

  4. Due to the club’s security being entrusted to a licensed external security company, in accordance with Article 429 of the Civil Code, the club is not liable for any damages that occur on the club premises or adjacent areas to the person or property of guests caused by security personnel. Any claims resulting from such incidents should be directed to the company providing security for the club.

  5. The club is not liable for force majeure events occurring at events, such as disaster, fire, evacuation ordered by the Police and Fire Brigade, bomb threat, and will not be obligated to refund ticket fees or compensate for other claims related to non-conduct or interruption of events.


  1. Persons attending events organized by the club, entering the club premises, and participating in events organized by the club, regardless of the purpose of their attendance or form of access to the club premises, consent to the rules contained in these regulations and agree to comply with them.

  2. The regulations are available to all persons in the club and on the club’s website.

  3. Guests who do not comply with the rules contained in these regulations may be removed from the club premises by the club staff or security personnel.

  4. In matters not regulated by these regulations, the relevant provisions of Polish law shall apply.

  5. The regulations come into force on June 1, 2021.


Za poprzedni regulamin restauracja SLA WARSAW nie bierze odpowiedzialności.